The Atomic Unit of the Software-Defined Data Center

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Second-wave converged infrastructure startups have learned from their older peers and refined their approach. One such is NIMBOXX, which has just come out of stealth mode and introduced its first products.

This new wave of companies is much more aware of the general push toward 'software-defined' platforms using modular, open software stacks to avoid hardware lock-in while still taking advantage of more efficient and dense system architectures.

— John Abbott, Distinguished Analyst at 451 Research

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NIMBOXX takes a different approach. They do own the entire stack including the hypervisor, hardware, storage and networking...

What Does it Mean to Own the Stack?

Posted by David Cauthron | June 17, 2014

We have this conversation so often I wanted to capture the relevant points and share with everyone else. So here’s what it means to own the entire stack.

Over the past decade, the whole world seems to have embraced virtualization. Is there nothing left to conquer? Hardly. Virtualization technology itself is changing very fast...

What our early reviewers are saying:

  • The features and ease of setting up a new environment were amazing. NIMBOXX’s all-in-one processes have a lot to be said over using multiple hardware and software solutions.

    — Morgan McConnell

    IT Administrator, Boone County Sheriff Department

  • The limited exposure I had to the NIMBOXX solution left me impressed enough to express an interest to purchase. As all surveys seem to end with the question as to whether you’d recommend this solution to a friend, I say yes.

    — Brian Cooper

    IT Support, FineEye Color Solutions